Ultimate Source For Forging Solutions

For over decade, Saideepa Forgings business is focused on to domestic and export sales of high grade special steel forging products and a variety of complementary materials.Highest attention is being paid to service and technical support,which constitutes an integral part of our activities

We provide expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications,from Rock drilling tools,mechanical and industrial to mining ,construction,oil& gas, power and automobile segments

The company's product line,engineering design,meta working, Heat Treatment and machine centers supply fully ready to use machined forgings to required dimensions


  • Rock Drilling Tools
  • Hydraulic cylinder parts
  • Hydraulic breaker parts
  • Crusher parts
  • Under carriage parts
  • Ball and Socket end fittings for HT lines
  • Turbine Blades
  • Crank Shafts


Our sophisticated in-house facilities with advanced equipment and latest technology produce superior quality products as per the needs.With most advanced designs and manufacturing systems and a comprahensive technical support,we utilize state-of the art equipment and technology to develop the products to help our clients to get success in market place

  • Production space spread out over 10 acres-[three units]
  • 03 Tonnes Drop Hammer-[one unit]
  • 02 Tonnes Drop Hammer-[two unit]
  • Introduction Bilet Heater-[two units]
  • 3 Tonnes Oil Fired Billet Heater-[one unit]
  • 300 Tonnes Trimming Press-[one unit]
  • 05 Tonnes capacity Boogie Hearth Furnace for Annealing/Normalising-[three units]
  • SPM-Billet cutting Band Saw Machine-[six units]
  • Closed Die Forging Range 3kgs-30kgs
  • Open Die Forging Range 10kgs-150kgs