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DTH Hammers

Saideepa is a leader in design manufacture and repair of DTH Hammers in india and worldwide.. We offer the markets most comprehensive range of Down the hole Hammers and button bits. Our hammers are used for Water well drilling, Mining and as well as for contractors in Construction. Our DTH Hammers are time tested and proven as well as being low on fuel and high on penetration.They are designed for maximum performance in low pressure operations and our products are Rugged and reliable.our products are the preferred bits for drilling engineers in many countries because of our precision design and efficient drilling during usage. We manufacture different types of DTH hammers with suitable bit for different applications.The bit ranges varies from 3” to 18” Diameter with different face styles like concave, convex and flat. The hammer range varies from 2.5”to 12”.

UDC Series

UDC Series hammer not only maximizes the energy output but also reduces the overall service requirements.


JDC Series hammers come with a valve less design that enables high performance at low operating air pressures.


JDM Series hammers are equipped with a robust design for optimum strength and performance.


FDH Series lowers the compressive load from drill sting via the inbuilt buffer ring.


Winner series boasts an increase in the volume of air occupied by using the flapper mechanism to adjust inflow air pressure.


Stunner series utilities the flapper mechanism along with split bush and a groove for easy removal.


DRT Series sustains compressive load generated from drill string with its inbuilt buffer ring and metal spacer.