Health & Safety First

At Sai Deepa, the entire management team is driving safety very diligently. Many initiatives have been taken to reinforce the fundamentals. It is a continuous process and Sai Deepa will always keep Safety on top priority.

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Visitor Policy

At Sai Deepa, when a visitor arrives, a safety video is shown for basic safety briefing. PPE is mandatory in case the visit needs an entry to the shop floor. In the pandemic situation, temperature checking is compulsory. Those with higher temperature but within limits, are also checked for oxygen levels. Those visitors who do not qualify are asked to work one or through video conferencing only.

Near Miss Recording

National Safety Council (NSC) and OSHA Alliance defines the “Near Misses” as events that could have led to bodily harm and/or property loss but didn't happen this time. However, next time, a serious injury could easily result from the same or similar circumstances.

Sai Deepa has developed a register to record such near misses on daily basis. Formats in local language are kept on the shop floor so that the workers can fill up as required.

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Hazard Identification & Risk Management

Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) is a process of defining and describing hazards by characterizing their probability, frequency, and severity and evaluating adverse consequences, including potential losses and injuries. Sai Deepa does this at own premises, vendors & work sites. 

Safety Training

Learning is a continuous process. Monthly Safety Trainings, Fire Drills & Site Safety trainings are done on continuous basis. Financial budgets are increased every year for these activities. 

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Medical Checks

All employees in factory and also those who are deployed on customer sites have to get themselves examined annually. Medical Check up is a mandatory activity at Sai Deepa. This was happening even before the pandemic and shall continue on regular basis. 

Safety at Customer Site

At Sai Deepa, Safety extends beyond our company gates. We work with our customers to ensure execution of safety protocols at work sites. This is certainly in the interest of all to generate a win-win situation.
Work pressure and the race to complete targets of meterage and production is the prime objective. Sai Deepa reinforces Safety within the process. 
Simple points on the check list such as usage of PPE or last minute intervention at the workshop sets the mind to acknowledge safe working alongside with targets. Truly a win-win situation.

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Toolbox Meetings

The Sai Deepa team regularly conducts the Tool Box Meetings. These are informal meetings that take place to focus on topics related to safety. Specific actions, hazards, practices etc. are discussed. 

These are very short meetings & are done before work. 

During the pandemic, these meetings were a great help to share information & discuss the issues like social distancing, convincing family & others to continuously wear mask etc. Regular updates of covid in the areas were discussed along with other topics.

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