Meet Our Team

Koteshwar Rao, CNC Programmer & Production Engineer at Saideepa Rock Drills.

“Failure is a type of Success” – Says Koteshwar Rao, CNC Programmer & Production Engineer at Saideepa Rock Drills.


At a young age of 19, when most engineers are dreaming about joining big companies or pursuing further studies, Koteshwar Rao decided to take the first opportunity that came his way. It was a small, one machine, garage size company, based in Hyderabad. His passion and the outstanding leadership of founders started delivering results. In the next two decades, this team became an Indian multinational company, which we all know as “Saideepa Rock Drills Private Limited”.

Readers we have this story for you. A story which is so inspiring that we want you to hear it straight from him, Koteshwar Rao, our CNC programmer and a multi-talented engineer.    

1: Can you please share the story of your journey with Saideepa?

It all began 20 years ago. I can say “once upon a time in Hyderabad” when only two brands dominated the Indian market of rock tools. There was an immense need of a 3rd player. Many companies tried but could not with stand against the giants. We were a miniscule team but had the dreams of becoming a major multinational. Our company founders were determined and there was nothing that could stop us. We kept working hard and got ourselves completely involved. Time flies very fast but success does not come overnight. It took us many nights and days to reach this position. 

2: Tell us about your learnings, success and failures.

I am a mechanical engineer, a diploma holder, with very little knowledge about the sophisticated machines which use computer programs. I was not trained for them. Going back to college to learn from books was just not an option. We had to do it on the job. Help from seniors was always there. It was my interest and passion which pushed me to learn about the giant machining center's. I am not a computer engineer but can set up a program and make the machine do what I want. This is my success.

Today we are truly a multinational and have managed to create a brand which is respected across the world. Initially there were many failures. These failures taught us the meaning of success. I have seen this company grow and understood the true meaning of the leadership which is the integral part of Saideepa management team.

R&D was our main focus. We knew our weakness. Manufacturing a product, capable to perform and get sold at market price was the challenge. The solution was R&D. Saideepa management has spend large amount of time, money and resources to build these world class products.

3: Where do you see the company headed in the current business situation?

We have come a long way. From single axis to multi axis, from single operation to multi-tasking, from buying forgings to making our own forgings, from a handful of employees to a large multilocation team, from selling in Hyderabad to selling in the world, the journey has begun. We have arrived. The brand Saideepa is now recognized across all the major continents. We have distribution Centre in Europe, dealers in Africa, Middle East, Australia and many other countries. I am very positive about Saideepa, we are headed towards becoming the No.1 company in the world. Others have done it in more than 100 years, we will do it in less than 50 years.

4: What would be your message for the new employees joining Saideepa ?

This is a land of opportunities. Saideepa is certainly a great place to work. We allow new employees to learn and encourage them to do innovative things. We are a multinational company but the decision making is not slow or complicated. The leadership is strong. Implementations are fast. You may get an opportunity to visit or get a posting in great locations. An employee can get exposure beyond India.

The company management is people centric. There is a friendly culture which fuels motivation. Safety is very important to us. Our company is regularly conducting safety drills and training programs. At Saideepa, you can truly make a satisfying career. Join us and be part of the team that is going to be the market leader.