Saideepa Leadership Workshop Series 2022

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We started the year with a comprehensive leadership workshop at the factory. The objective of this workshop was to learn with help of each other, together as a team. This session was conducted for the engineers from two departments, Production & Quality Control.

Production and Quality are amongst the core departments who interact with each other on a daily basis. They all have their own KRAs & KPIs. Some of the KRAs intersect or overlap. This leads to a spirit of healthy competition. Work is a process. All employees have individual targets which together form the companies target, that enables to achieve the goal.


Introduction & Ice Breaker Session

With multiple product lines in Saideepa, there is always a possibility that you see a colleague everyday and just pass by, never actually meeting and introducing each other. Our session encouraged them to interact with those who actually did not have the reason to speak to each other.



Shoonyata CMS - a big picture

           The Game 


We first mixed the employees and created a cross functional team. Engineers from Production & Quality Control were now together, ready to compete with their own workmates.
We started the competition with a general knowledge quiz. This was to set the stage for the real game. Each team, mixed with engineers from both departments were asked to make their own quiz questions. These questions were pertaining to work including processes, machines and the product they make for our customers.
The teams got busy and started preparing interesting questions. Questions which their colleagues would have to think and even struggle in some cases.
The game began and they started firing questions at each other. Answers started pouring and soon the room was flooded with knowledge. Everybody learned something. Everybody realised the importance of competition, teamwork & keeping an eye for detailing in their job.

Winners were rewarded and it was a day well spent. Saideepa will keep a very active schedule of such workshops and make it very interesting for all