The Domino Effect!

A Saideepa Europe Story

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A domino effect is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. This is the story of Saideepa’s success in the European continent. The Saideepa Times brings you a first-hand report from a deeply passionate rock tools expert and our Regional Director of Europe, Mathieu PHILIPPE. Mathieu has spent two decades in developing products, setting up processes, designing and making product improvements in the performance of rock tools across the globe. The summary of our discussion is presented for the readers of Saideepa Times.

The Europe Story:

The Saideepa stall in the Geofluid exhibition at Italy in September 2021, saw a strong inflow of business. But that is not when the story of Europe began, says Mathieu. 

Mathieu remembers the last exhibition. The company was stepping into Europe. They needed a strong reference & channel partners. He was very sure that having the right channel partner was extremely important. The company had participated in the Geofluid exhibition for the first time. This exhibition is purely for the drilling products and focus of Rock Tools is extremely high.

The Saideepa team discussed with multiple customers. Introduced the products. Gaining the trust of customers in Europe for an Indian brand was not an easy assignment. So how did it happen, what was the reason of success of Saideepa in Europe. 

Quality Always Wins. 

It all begins with an application. Every tool can face problems. The trick is to identify it accurately and offer the right modification of design. A well-designed product which achieves the penetration rate, ensures efficient flushing and delivers an optimal life is the real winner. The Saideepa products were demonstrated with a few customers who gave us an opportunity for the first time. The results were positive. Some minor changes were required, and our design team did an excellent job. For Rock Drilling Tools, it is the product which does the talking.

The Domino happens

The channel partners saw the performance as they got associated. One success leads to other, and the chain reaction keeps going on. Saideepa has more than ten dealers in Europe. They are doing an excellent job. We are incredibly happy with their support and confident to increase sales further.

The Geofluid Exhibition 2021:

This was a different event. Unlike the last time Saideepa participated, 2021 was a general discussion with all our channel partners present at the show. The regular crowd of customers from across Europe were just oriented to the nearest dealer partner. It was a positive change and Geofluid 2021 was an enormous success for Saideepa.

The Road Ahead:

Sales are steadily increasing. Our current network of dealers is as shown in the map. There are areas which are still not covered. We are searching for channel partners who can help us cover 100% Europe and make us a leading brand of Rock Tools.

Saideepa is incredibly grateful to the work done by all our channel partners in Europe who worked hard. We will deliver more products and better services to you as always. This is just the beginning, and we have miles to travel together in the journey of Saideepa.