The Winning Pair!!!

From the Sai Deepa Heat Treatment Laboratory

Shoonyata CMS - a big picture

This article's purpose is to highlight the performance of the two instruments which are part of the success of Sai Deepa’s products. They are amongst the fleet of equipment, tools & analytics that Sai Deepa keeps adding for the continual improvement of our products. 

Carbon Analyser:

The Carbon Analyser is designed for wide-range measurement of carbon content of metals. This instrument features custom software designed specifically for touch operation. It gives accurate results for maintaining the quality of Sai Deepa Products. 

A short Working Method 

A pre-weighed sample of approximately 1 gram is combusted in a stream of oxygen using RF induction to heat the sample. The Carbon present in the sample is oxidized to carbon dioxide (CO2) and swept by the oxygen carrier through a drying reagent. The gas flow continues past a heated catalyst, where carbon monoxide (CO) is converted to CO2 which is subsequently removed by a filter. Carbon is then detected as CO2 by another NDIR cell. A pressure controller is used to maintain constant pressure in the NDIR cells so as to reduce interference from natural variations in atmospheric pressure. The final component in the flow stream is an electronic flow sensor, which is used for diagnostic purposes to monitor the carrier flow.

Micro Hardness Tester:

It is not just about hardness of the Products, the thickness of the hard case is a real important specification. This separates Sai Deepa Tools from the ordinary. This machine is part of our research lab & has advanced features that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of Rock Tools.

The Specification of this machine are :

1: Load ranges from 1 gf to 2000gf
2: Auto turret movement

3: Capacity from 2.5X to 100X

4: Four objectives and two indenters on one turret.

These two become the wining pair for fast execution & accurate testing of Sai Deepa products. Be assured of the tools that you are procuring from Sai Deepa. After all, you and Sai Deepa are too the long-term wining pair!!!