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Saideepa is commited to continually develop, manufacture and distribute the best quality, most economical rock drilling tools for mining,construction and water well segments.

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5. Our manufacture facilities bring together high-tech machinery, advanced manufacturing techniques and highly skilled people to produce some of the most advanced rock drilling tools to meet the growing needs of the Indian and international customers. Currently our manufacturing facility has 3,00,000 Sq feet of covered area and in the new expansion phase, some more production units are planned, which will be o perational in the years to come. The facility is equipped with all the modern technologies such as Closed / Open die F orging plants, Cutting machines, CNC milling, turning , drilling centres ,High end seal quench heat treatment, Shot Blasting Painting and packing facility to produce world-class rock drilling tools. Quality consciousness is paramount in every procedure that is implemented throughout the manufacturing unit, without compromising t he final product quality or customer experience. OUR WORLD CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE THE FACILITIES THAT GOES IN

6. We strongly believe that our strength lies in our people. People are our main assets and it is they who ensure our success time and again. Success demands that we continuously raise the bar of our collective performance. Toward this, we aim to facilitate environment that will motivate our associates and translate into superior levels of performance. We believe in continuous education of our associates and strive to provide the best training facilities that will keep us on par with the best professionals in our field. We strive to provide a climate that nurtures the holistic development of our associates. OUR PEOPLE, OUR TRUE STRENGTH THE EFFORT THAT GOES IN

3. MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY In the last few years Saideepa has witnessed rapid growth, both at home and in the international markets. However, the economic situation in India and overseas is changing rapidly. Saideepa is no exception and like many others we are facing challenges and constantly reciprocating to the fluctuating market situation. Despite the on-going market situation, we believe that our efforts to meet tough challenges we have faced, are finally bearing fruit. The changes in the world have prompted us to analyse our core strengths, and have caused us to review carefully of how we can leverage these strengths to make a positive difference to our stakeholders. Our company was founded in the year 2001 to supply quality rock d rilling tools at economical prices and to create good value for our customers in every market where we do business. Exports started in the year 2004 and our products found a place of credibility in the international mark et. The years ahead are certainly going to be exciting ones for Saideepa. We are looking forward to your support as we move forward. THE DRIVING FORCE

8. TOP HAMMER ROCK DRILLING TOOLS Each project needs to achieve the best possible operating costs and outco me for business. Complex rock formations and difficult terrain can be a real challenge fo r any driller. With a range of solutions and high quality, durable top hammer drilling to ols, Saideepa partners with you to succeed in reaching optimal project outcomes. Saideepa top hammer rock drilling tools have been specially designed for hard to very hard and abrasive rock formations. Our bits have shown increase in penetration ra te and also a substantially longer service life. Our Top hammer products include: • Taper rods and bits • Complete range of threaded button bits • Drifter rods and extension rods • Coupling and reduction sleeves • Shank adaptors suitable to all hydraulic drifters

9. FORGING SOLUTIONS Saideepa is a leading supplier of closed and open die forging pr oducts for Rock drilling tools, hydraulic breaker parts, supplier for forged hydraulic cylinder parts t o well- known manufacturers like Wipro India and Brazil. We are known for fair and open dialogue with clients and suppliers. Our st rong presence in the above segments is guaranteed by innovative light weight solut ions with application of advanced materials and optimized product design. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority. The company's product line, engineering design, metal working, Heat T reatment and machine centers supply fully ready to use machined forgings to required d imensions. PRODUCTS • Rock Drilling Tools • Hydraulic cylinder parts • Hydraulic breaker parts • Crusher parts • Under carriage parts • Ball and Socket end fittings for Ht lines

7. PRODUCT THAT GOES IN DOWN THE HOLE ROCK DRILLING TOOLS Saideepa is a leader in design, manufacture, servicing and repair of Down-the- Hole (DTH) percussive rock drilling products. We offer market’s most comprehensive range of DTH hammers and button bits. DTH product solutions are for water well, mining and as well as for contractors in construction. Our DTH products include: • Down the Hole hammers (2 - 12 inches diameter) • Down the Hole Button bits (2- 24 inches) • Down the Hole over burden drilling systems (4 3/4 - 12 inches) • Frictional Welded and Induction hardened Drill Pipes and Adaptors All thread types, male and female [API 2 3/8, 2 7/8, 3 1/2 and o rder specific] Excellent wear resistance and longer life FEATURES & BENEFITS •Time tested and proved • Low on fuel High on penetration • Designed for maximum performance in low pressure operations • Rugged and Reliable

1. THE PERFECTION THAT GOES IN JUST DRILL! SAI DEEPA ROCK DRILLS PVT. LTD. Plot no 106, Phase II, IDA, Cherlapally, Hyderabad – 500051 . India. Phone : +91-40-27260217, 27260438, 27260439 Fax : +91-40-27261231 Mail to : www.saideep JUST DRILL! copyright @ 2016 by SAIDEEPA ROCK DRILLS PVT. LTD.

2. Safety: We are committed to complete safety of employees and customers. The comp any has implemented key safety programs and activities, including systems and policies such as • Training for all employees • Special training for emergency response teams OUR MISSION Saideepa is committed to continually develop, manufacture and distribute the b est quality, most economical rock drilling tools for mining, construction & water well segments, and provide the b est possible value for its main stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees. These tools are designed to transmit optimum impact energy into the ro ck with the least possible loss of energy, and are made to handle the toughest jobs around the globe. We plan to achieve ma rket leadership through set of principles that guide decisions and behaviour throughout the company. OUR CORE VALUES • Customer Success • Team Play • Mutual Respect Mining & Costruction Equipment Sales Started New Manufacturing Unit Coring

10. We strongly adhere to our core values of quality, safety and environmental care. Owi ng to our premium quality of products and prompt delivery, we have attained a wide customer b ase spread across North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Australia. OUR ESTEEMED CLIENTELE Copyright © 2016 by SAI DEEPA ROCK DRILLS PVT. LTD. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in a ny form or by any means,including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prio r written permission of Sai Deepa Rock Drills Pvt. Ltd . For permission requests, write to Saideepa Rock Drills Pvt Ltd. Attention: Permissions Coordinator," at the address mentioned on the back page. THE TRUST THAT GOES IN We have attained a wide customer base spread across the Globe U.S.A. Nigeria Portugal France South Korea Australia Germany Turkey Africa Russia Canada Mexico Colombia Argentina Brazil China India Thailand Sri Lanka Malaysia Indonesia South Africa Zambia Kenya Ethiopia U.A.E Iran Pakistan Morocco Italy Sweden Finland

4. PROCESS We have the total control over the process of our products, from the raw material stage to the finished goods stage. This is possible because of intricate knowledge of raw material selection, in-house steel Forging expertise, Hitec CNC machining centers, Seal quench Heat treatment facilities and modern metallurgical laboratory. MANUFACTURING Logistics Heat Treatment Final Operations Assembly Steel Mill Raw material Cutting Forging Final Operations Quality Assembly Design & Development CNC - Soft operations Laboratories


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